Our organization is going ahead for a world change. Our vision is to create a new world where no any country wages war and peace prevail and where all work for the enlistment of their socio economical development, saving and utilizing natural resources at maximum benefit.

In order to make it a reality, we engage in capacity building activities for community based organizations. We ensure in the first instance that these organizations are well acquainted with their duties and responsibilities to enable them to work for a world change with a new thinking. In this regard, we conduct discussions and trainings and publish materials to create a clear understanding about these objectives

All groups in the society such as children, Youths and Elders are included under this category. Suitable action plans for all groups of people such as Academics, Illiterates, the poor and the Rich should be implemented. Because a good society of youth shall be impossible in the future, if children are not taken into consideration. Similarly if youth groups are overlooked, it may be impossible to produce good citizens in the Society. Therefore, we cannot neglect any group in society and our methodology is to provide action plans to the respective group and make them to work for the welfare of community.

Improvement of education, Socio economic development, protection of environment and Healthcare are included in these activities. Guidance is provided even to a child or a boy/girl to the extent that they themselves to improve their economical condition.

It is the responsibility of all inmates in each family to follow health practices and keep their environment clean. Likewise, Work plans for people at all level should be included so that we could make the concept �World Change� a reality. We propose to select certain villages and implement certain activities on experimentation. If there are 100 issues considered to be necessary in a village for its development, our Action Plan in this regard is to see that the said village should reach 100% output in each activity that the village engages and pursue in its implementation. For instance, there are hundreds of action plans to be implemented such as, Environment Health, Eradication of polythene Use, Water Management, Utilization of Resources, Tree Planting Campaign, Food production, Youth Development, Savings, Career Opportunities, Women and Children development, Elders� education, Entrepreneurship for youths, Recreation activities, Maintenance of public places and Involvement of youths in moral education. These activities are monitored and promoted till they reach the target 100% . The cooperation and assistance of Animators and Guides will be available till the villagers concerned, realize their roles in the activities and take responsibility for implementing such activities. At the same time, the youth both males and females in the village are expected to take responsibility for promoting the village on voluntary basis. Through such various work plan activities, we focus attention as our next phase of activities, on politicians, decision makers, high ranking officers and people living high status who ensure taking correct decision to continue undertaking good activities as urged by people representatives.

As a result of various such activities that are carried out, the progress at the level of each village, or community, provinces and districts and finally at national level is brought about. Consequently, we help our region and country at large to contribute, playing their role towards world�s progress. On this footing, we try our level best for several other countries to follow suit through computer network.

As we follow on information and data obtained through Internet, the opportunity is created for other countries to have access of our information and data available at the internet. These initiatives are undertaken at random and we have to make a start for these activities to take root in order that the world would harvest the result in several years to come. We are endeavoring in this effort and our staff and people at different levels are helpful and supportive for it.


Activities pertaining to the vision are carried out through various forums

  • Savings and Credit
  • Development of women and children.
  • Sanitation, Nutrition and environment.
  • Education and Training
  • Peace and Human Rights.
  • Rehabilitation, Reconstruction
  • Marketing and Entrepreneur
  • Group of Volunteers and Human Resource Development


These forums are formed and its activities are monitored and guided by Field workers and Coordinators. As shown in the management structure, the activities are undertaken following the Line Management. The staff undertakes activities towards the vision through the forums.