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Staff Capacity Training



A Training on the topic of Digitilization for SOND employees was held  on 09.03.2023 by Mr.S.Prasanthan, Director of Innovay.

Some of the records can be seen in the picture



Preschool Teachers Meeting



SOND is  doing a study regarding the preschool.  The picture shows the officials from SOND Mrs. T. Nirupa and Mr.K.Kiritharan discussing with Karavetti Division Preschool teachers.
The meeting was conducted under the chairmanship of Vadamarachi Assistan Director of Education – Preschool Mr. Sathyaseelan.



NPC Project Evaluation



The National Peace Council visited SOND for project evaluation. See participating members in pictures.
They have presented their publication to SOND. In the picture Project Manager Mr. Saman Seneviratne, Project Officer Mrs. Rasika, Institute Director Mr. S. Senthurasa, Professors Mohanathas, Professor Jayasingham, SOND Project Coordinator Ms. Jency were seen there.






A one-day workshop on women’s rights for women members of local authority and other women leaders by SOND was held at Tilko hotel today 01.03.2023. This training was conducted by the University of Jaffna Law Department Lecturer Mrs. Conducted by Kosalai Madan. The event was moderated by Mrs. Jency Victor, DIRC Jaffna District Coordinator. It is noteworthy that the National Peace Council has provided financial support for this. Some of its records can be seen in the pictures.






A discussion on community development and efficient use of stoves was conducted at Kottadi Muthamil Preschool for the small group living there by SOND Executive Director Mr. S. Senthurajah  and staff  Mrs. Niruba. Some of its records can be seen in the pictures.



Staff Capacity Training



In these pictures you can see that  Mr. Sujeevan, staff member of the library organization, conducting a training to SOND staffs on the topic of Digitalization



Model Village Program



20.02.2023, a meeting of the Prototype Village Action Plan conducted by SOND was held in Velana Divisional Secretary’s office under the leadership of the Assistant Divisional Secretary. The meeting was attended by selected government officials and representatives of community organizations. Executive Director  SOND Mr.S. Senthurajah had given an explanation of the project.  it was decided to implement and review the scheme in 5 Grama Sevakar units every month



Treatment for substance abuse victims by the Change Foundation



This treatment center is run by Rev.Father.Vinsonpatrick . He and his assistants are doing this service as divine service.
Hundreds of people have benefited from his services. It is our duty to encourage them by providing them with all the resources that society needs today and to protect our future generations, including funding for this service.
In this pictures, you can see that SOND staff engage in discussion.



Model Village Project



Model Village Program
This scheme is being implemented by selecting 5 Grama Sevakar Divisions in Velani Divisional Secretary Division in Jaffna District. The scheme is started without funds. Introductory meeting on 13.02.2023 headed by Divisional Secretary.
Mr. S. Senthurajah, Executive Director of SOND, gives an explanation regarding this project. This program is widely expanded and is a social responsibility program where people solve their problems under the guidance of the authorities.






On the theme of creating a disciplinary life , interviews are being conducted with various organizations and concerned individuals and data is being collected. Based on that Mr. Prem (Healthy Lanka) was discussed and some information was taken. Some of its records can be seen in the pictures